Online-тecт английского языка

Пройдите тест, чтобы мы могли узнать уровень вашего английского и предложить лучший вариант обучения.

И помните здесь нет хороших или плохих результатов, нам нужны ответы для того, чтобы подобрать для вас максимально эффективное обучение в нашей школе английского. Если вы не знаете ответ можете смело пропустить вопрос.

  • Перед тем как начать, пожалуйста, заполните Ваши контакты, чтобы мы могли с Вами связаться
    • Имя *
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  • А теперь сам тест. Составьте диалог, расположив слова в правильном порядке.
    • Where / Excuse / ATM. / is / me. / the / nearest
    • down / the / Go / street / two / left / blocks / and / turn.
    • it / Is / very / from / far / here?
    • too / Not / far.
    • you / Thank / much. / very / for / Sorry / trouble.
  • Составьте предложения, используя слова из прямоугольника.
    change, keep, become, go, have, start, take
    Example: I want to change my email address.
    • When did you your business?
    • When I famous, I'm going to buy a much bigger house.
    • You look tired. I think you should a rest this weekend.
    • What are you going to study when you to university?
    • You should go to bed and try to warm
    • Go home and these tablets three times a day
  • Задайте вопрос к выделенному слову.
    My name is Lora.
    What is your name?
    • Hello. My name is Helena.
    • I am from England.
    • I work as manager for a big company.
    • I work as manager for a big company.
    • My working day starts at 9:00 and finishes pretty late at 19:00.
    • My working day starts at 9:00 and finishes pretty late at 19:00.
    • Sometimes I am late for work because of traffic jam.
    • When I am in the office I start with E-mails. It is always interesting and I get to know something new.
    • When I have free time I have a rest in cafe. It’s pretty comfortable.
    • I like having coffeee very much after tense day.
  • Write these sentences in another way, beginning in the way shown
    They didn't give me the information I needed.
    I wasn't given the information I needed.
    • They asked me some difficult questions at the interview.
    • Amy's colleagues gave her a present when she retired.
    • Nobody told me about the meeting.
    • How much will they pay you for your work?
    • I think they should have offered Tom the job.
    • Has anybody shown you what to do?
  • Complete the following sentences with a word from the box.
    accomplish, on, pointer, get, mentor, clicked, get out of, appreciative, get(2), in no time flat, hash out, out of the blue
    Having a Business Mentor
    Alex : Where are you going?
    Kenya : I’m going to meet my business mentor.
    Alex : Your business mentor? What do you do with a business ?
    Kenya : Well, my mentor is like an advisor. We meet regularly and I her feedback and guidance with my ideas starting a business.
    Alex : Oh, so you’re her protg?
    Kenya : No, I’m not. I simply go to her with my ideas and she helps me them . She’s a successful entrepreneur and I’m there to learn from her experience.
    Alex : How did you her to be your mentor? Were you already friends?
    Kenya : No, I contacted her , actually. I’ve read about her company and her many successes, and I wrote her a letter telling her about me and what I hope to . She agreed to meet with me, and at that first meeting, we really and now we meet once a month.
    Alex : That’s very generous of her. What does she from it?
    Kenya : I’m not sure, but I think she enjoys giving me and sharing her expertise. I’m very and she says I remind her a lot of herself when she was my age. I take that as a huge compliment.
    Alex : You should. If you’re like her, you’ll be a multi-millionaire .